The Many Faces Of Depression

The American Psychiatric Association describes depression as a common and serious medical disorder that impacts how someone feels, thinks and behaves. Most people recognize depression as a mental illness that includes feelings of sadness, thoughts of suicide and a general inability to enjoy life. However, there are a wide variety of symptoms that have nothing to do with feeling down and out or actively wanting to die. In this article, learn about the different types of depression and lesser known symptoms to help you recognize a potential problem. Read More 

5 Tips For Exercising After A Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure that requires adequate healing time. However, it is common for patients to want to know when they can resume exercise and what types of exercise is best to keep their new tummy in the best condition. You may be surprised to know that core exercises, such as Pilates or crunches, should not be attempted until roughly six months after your surgery. But there is plenty of physical activity that you can do from the day after your surgery that will help speed up your recovery. Read More 

Diabetes And Osteoporosis: Reducing The Risks

If you are a post-menopausal woman you probably have some concerns about osteoporosis, commonly referred to as thinning bones. The risk of osteoporosis rises for all women at this time, making the possibility of painful and debilitating fractures a real concern. What you may not know is that if you have diabetes, your risk of osteoporosis may also increase. The Osteoporosis and Diabetes Connection People with type 1 diabetes are at risk of developing osteoporosis, especially if their glucose levels are not well-controlled. Read More 

Construction Workers: What To Know About Your Foot And Body Pain

If your feet ache or back hurts after a long day of construction work, you may wonder if the two problems are related and what can you do about them. It's possible for foot pain to cause problems with your back and vice versa. In a number of cases, you can develop both issues from the same causes. If you don't make changes in your life that protect your feet and back, you may end up with chronic pain that endangers your overall health and safety at work. Read More 

Decrease Back Pain Naturally Using These 3 Methods

Back pain is one of the most common medical complaints among people in the United States. And while many cases of back pain eventually subside on their own, some people find themselves fighting off their pain long-term. If you are living with back pain that never seems to go away, it's important to consult with an experienced pain management doctor who can offer you a variety of effective treatment options to consider. You can also use a few natural methods to enhance the relief you enjoy from your doctor's prescribed pain management protocol – consider implementing the following methods into your life: Read More