Understanding Antidepressants And Their Role In Treating Bulimia

If you have an eating disorder like bulimia, then you should work with a physician to make sure that you get the medical assistance you need by looking at treatment options for eating disorders. This may require you to stay at a treatment center for a period of time. You also may be prescribed medication. Specifically, antidepressants are often used to treat bulimia. Keep reading if you want to understand some answers to common questions about medication use. Read More 

What Residential Care Facilities Can Teach You About Home Health Care Safety

Residential care facilities provide senior and long-term care in a way that differs from many other senior living programs. Looking at how they serve seniors can help you see some best practices for taking care of a loved one at home. How Residential Care Facilities Work You can find residential care facilities in neighborhoods across the country. For the most part, they're normal houses with some modifications for providing safe living conditions for seniors. Read More 

Two Signs That You May Have Asthma

When you think about asthma, you might picture an individual desperately taking puffs from an inhaler in attempts to catch their breath. The scene can be quite frightening to witness and can leave an imprint for quite some time. However, there are different gradations of asthma, with some being much more serious than others. Although you might be experiencing some of the more mild signs of asthma, it's possible that you're ignoring it because you've never really had a major issue with the illness. Read More 

What Are the Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery for Cancer Treatment?

If you've been diagnosed with cancer and your doctor is recommending surgery, one option that may be presented is a minimally invasive surgery, such as Nanoknife surgery. This technology allows your surgeon to use electrical currents to treat tumors rather than excising them through an open incision. If your doctor feels Nanoknife surgery is a possibility for you, it's generally a good idea to choose this approach over a traditional surgical excision. Read More 

4 Benefits Of Choosing Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are great medical centers that you can go to when the need arises. This article is going to discuss 4 benefits that come along with choosing to go to urgent care.  They Accept Most Insurances  Because urgent care facilities take in such a huge variety of people, they are going to accept a lot of different kinds of insurance. Since insurance is a huge issue when it comes to medical care, this gives a lot of people peace of mind. Read More