Food Items That Can Contribute To Bodily Inflammation

If you have a chronic pain condition like arthritis, then you may need to take a variety of medications and you also might be asked to undergo some specialty treatments and other types of therapies. Doctors will also work with you to self-treat or self-manage at home and watching your diet is one thing that can assist you. Keep reading to learn about a few different foods that you should avoid and how they can contribute to pain. Read More 

Severe Cramps? You May Have Your Mother To Blame

Many women experience heavy menstrual bleeding and severe cramps when they're on their periods. The exact reason why some women sail through their periods and others suffer through them is often unclear, but in one recent study, scientists have shed some light on why some women in particular go through this. Here's how your mother's choices might have impacted your cramps for life. Soy Formula Studies More than one recent study have shown that women that were given a soy-enriched baby formula while they were infants are far more likely to experience heavier periods and period pain in adulthood. Read More 

3 Step Guide To Giving Yourself A Self-Test For Macular Degeneration

If you have started noticing small changes in your vision, you may start worrying that you are developing macular degeneration. If so, use the guide below to create and perform a simple test on yourself. Step 1:  Create a Grid Box This first step involves creating a grid box that you will use to perform the test on yourself. The lines, spaces, and dot you will create can help bring any symptoms of macular degeneration to the forefront, helping to make it clearer whether or not you may have the condition. Read More 

Some Of The Drawbacks Of Choosing An Open MRI

If you need an MRI, then you may learn that there are quite a few options now when it comes to how your imaging tests are completed. These options include choosing the machine that is right for you, and many people opt for an open MRI if they can. And while the imaging is ideal, there are actually some drawbacks to picking the open MRI. Keep reading to learn about a few. Read More 

Recovering From Sclerotherapy Successfully

Spider veins can not only create feelings of insecurity when wearing a dress or shorts, these damaged veins can become a hazard if left untreated. Spider veins occur when the valves in the veins become damaged and blood can no longer flow through them freely. Treating spider veins early allows your doctor to use a minimally invasive procedure known as sclerotherapy to reduce the appearance of veins through the skin. Recovering from sclerotherapy is fairly simple, but there are some things you can do to help enhance the results of your procedure. Read More