3 Types Of Chiropractic Hand Treatments That Are Ideal For Screenwriters

Working as a screenwriter requires a lot of use of the hands. Whether you're forming outlines, writing out index cards, or typing the screenplay itself, your hands are used on a daily basis. With continual use of your hands, you may start to experience pain and issues overtime. Instead of ignoring those issues and allowing them to become worse, there are numerous treatments you can undergo to help heal your hands and relieve pain. Read More 

Living With A High Risk Of Skin Cancer: Surgical Options If The Disease Develops To An Advanced Stage

The majority of cancer cases in the United States consist of basal or squamous cell skin cancer. While not as lethal as melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, these nonmelanoma cancers can cause damage to your muscles, bones and develop into unsightly growths on your skin. While nonmelanoma skin cancer can be caused by several factors, many people are at a higher risk for developing the disease due togenetics. Read More