Recognizing The Signs Of RSV Will Help You Protect Your Baby From Developing Serious Complications

If you gave birth to your firstborn in late fall or early winter, you may be concerned that your baby will catch winter colds and viruses. While nearly all babies catch a cold on occasion, there are some more serious viruses that can mimic the symptoms of a cold. The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is one of them. This virus can escalate to bronchitis or pneumonia, putting your baby's health at serious risk. Read More 

Living with Pain? 4 Ways to Manage Pain That Might Surprise You

When you experience constant or chronic pain, you'll try anything to get relief. These four strategies for pain management may be unusual, but they can be the perfect complement to traditional medications and medical therapies. If you're living with pain, think outside the box with one or more of these ideas.  Let Out Your Inner Artist Art therapy is a way of managing mental and physical illness through visual art. Patients are given supplies to create a painting or sculpture and are encouraged to express themselves in a creative way. Read More 

Understanding How Your Chiropractor Can Help With Restless Leg

One of the primary focuses for chiropractic treatment is back pain, but chiropractors can actually provide treatment for many conditions. In fact, chiropractors can offer treatments for many musculoskeletal issues. That means things like restless leg syndrome may be treated partially by a chiropractor. Here are a few things your chiropractor would want you to know about restless leg syndrome and its treatments. What Is Restless Leg Syndrome? Restless leg syndrome causes overwhelming and unexplainable urges to move your legs. Read More 

Understanding Hearing-Aid Feedback and How a Digital Device Can Help You

If you are an older adult who has been using a traditional analog hearing aid for many years, then you may be comfortable with the way the device works. The aids can be adjusted fairly easily, and they can be hidden directly in the ear. However, if your hearing aid has not be functioning the way it should, and you are finding yourself in situations where you cannot hear well, then it may be time for a digital hearing aid. Read More 

Why You Should Try Immunotherapy For Relief From Your Chronic Allergies

If you constantly have issues with sneezing, a runny nose, watery eyes, and congestion, you probably suffer from allergies. Chronic allergies can leave you feeling miserable and can be hard to control even with medication. If you have been taking medication and cannot find relief from your allergy symptoms, you should consider getting immunotherapy to help control your allergy problems. Here are a couple things to know about this form of treatment for chronic allergies. Read More