Severe Cramps? You May Have Your Mother To Blame

Many women experience heavy menstrual bleeding and severe cramps when they're on their periods. The exact reason why some women sail through their periods and others suffer through them is often unclear, but in one recent study, scientists have shed some light on why some women in particular go through this. Here's how your mother's choices might have impacted your cramps for life. Soy Formula Studies More than one recent study have shown that women that were given a soy-enriched baby formula while they were infants are far more likely to experience heavier periods and period pain in adulthood. Read More 

Four Safety Tips To Follow In Your New Electric Wheelchair

If you have limited mobility, getting an electric wheelchair can make your life so much easier. Finally, you can move from room to room with ease and feel like you're getting more done in a day than you have in years. But while electric wheelchairs are a true blessing, they are a powerful device, and they can lead to injuries if you are not careful. As you adapt to using your electric wheelchair both at home and when out and about, make sure you follow these safety tips to prevent injuries. Read More 

4 Things To Do If You Have A Family History Of Heart Disease

Having a family history of heart disease, including close relatives who have experienced or died from heart attacks as well as a tendency for your family members to experience high blood pressure and cholesterol, increases your own risk of heart disease. Luckily, it is possible to help counteract your family history by making positive lifestyle changes and being proactive in protecting your cardiac health. Here are four things you should do if you have a family history of heart disease: Read More 

5 Ways To Get Your Assisted Living Neighborhood Healthier, Happier, And Hopping!

Assisted living facilities serve very useful purposes, helping to care for people as they get older or deal with disabilities, but moving into one can mean a very drastic change of lifestyles. You could easily go from leading an active, happening social life to one where it's really quiet and people don't tend to get to know each other too well. Why not take the initiative and get more people together? Read More 

4 Amenities Assisted Living And Long-Term Care Facilities Should Consider

Transitioning from a residence to an assisted living or long-term care facility can be a dramatic change for residents. When you are considering ways to improve the environment for residents, there are several amenities that will make your facility more intriguing than the next, while giving residents the best possible experience. Incorporate More Physical Activity Since many seniors continue to participate in an exercise regimen well into their advanced age, you want to encourage physical activity and make it easier to access. Read More