When Hindsight Is 2020: 3 Reasons To Think Twice Before Having An Online Eye Exam

Telemedicine is not a new concept. Due to the merger between technology and medicine, more people have access to doctors and medical professionals can perform remote consultations with specialists when faced with complex cases. Similar technology has made it to optometry, but it is not necessarily good for your eyesight. It's Too Easy To Cheat Eye exams extend beyond personal benefit; employers may require an eye examination before someone is cleared for employment or as part of a yearly physical. Read More 

Which Progressive Lenses Will You Choose?

If you are like many people who are approaching their 40's, you may have noticed that you no longer see things up close as well as you used to. When you start having difficulty focusing on close-up objects, your eye doctor will usually diagnose you with presbyopia, and bi-focals may be in your future. Fortunately, most bi-focals are no longer lined lenses that make you appear to be older than you are. Read More 

Walk-In Clinics: 3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Sterilized Drug Orders

A lot of medical offices deal with patients coming in and out of the office all day long, but nothing is as unpredictable as a walk-in clinic. One hour could be completely dead, while the next is jam-packed with patients suffering through a variety of illnesses. This is why it's crucial for the operations of a walk-in clinic to go as smooth as possible. One area that can easily be improved at your walk-in clinic is the drug distributions and sterilization. Read More 

The Many Faces Of Depression

The American Psychiatric Association describes depression as a common and serious medical disorder that impacts how someone feels, thinks and behaves. Most people recognize depression as a mental illness that includes feelings of sadness, thoughts of suicide and a general inability to enjoy life. However, there are a wide variety of symptoms that have nothing to do with feeling down and out or actively wanting to die. In this article, learn about the different types of depression and lesser known symptoms to help you recognize a potential problem. Read More 

Getting The Best Legal Steroids For Muscle Growth: 3 Features That Will Boost Your Workout Efforts

Even after staying disciplined with a strenuous and extreme workout routine, you may not necessarily see a large difference in muscle growth. In fact, bodybuilders can only expect to gain 20 to 25 pounds of muscle with 1 year of training according to accurate science-based models on muscle growth. These results can be amplified with the help of legal steroids. A study showed that those who exercised and took steroids gained about 13. Read More