3 Types Of Chiropractic Hand Treatments That Are Ideal For Screenwriters

Working as a screenwriter requires a lot of use of the hands. Whether you're forming outlines, writing out index cards, or typing the screenplay itself, your hands are used on a daily basis. With continual use of your hands, you may start to experience pain and issues overtime. Instead of ignoring those issues and allowing them to become worse, there are numerous treatments you can undergo to help heal your hands and relieve pain. By making an appointment with a chiropractic clinic, there are three different hand treatments that can help heal your hands and prepare you for years of movie writing without pain.

Hand Adjustment Procedure

The typical human hand contains 27 bones and is surrounded by all types of ligaments. When these bones are positioned in the wrong way, it can create a misalignment and cause severe pain throughout the hand. As a screenwriter, you may find hand issues when operating computer mouses or touch screen devices like a stylus. When you're gripping items at an awkward position, it can cause a lot of hand pain. To help relieve this pain, a chiropractor will put your through a hand adjustment procedure. This procedure involves the realignment of your hand bones and muscles through a series of massages and treatments.

During the initial appointment, your hand will be examined to determine what bones are actually out of place or in an awkward position. From there, the treatments will be done on a set schedule to help heal your hand. Along with the treatment, a chiropractor may give you tips on better positions for your hands and adjustments you can make to avoid these problems in the future.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatments

The average screenplay can range anywhere from 90 to 120 pages. With edits, rewrites, and additional documents like outlines, this can add up to a lot of typing on a daily basis. If you're experiencing any numbness in your hand while you type, you may be experiencing signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. This type of issue is actually impacted by a nerve, rather than the bones or ligaments. As carpal tunnel syndrome gets worse, you may have limited movement in a majority of your fingers. Through treatments, a chiropractor can help determine the root cause of the syndrome. This typically has to do with a specific pressure that is applied to a nerve on the hand. During sessions, special massages and hand exercises will be performed to relieve pressure. Products for typing and computer use may be recommended to help prevent the syndrome from worsening or returning again in the future.

Thumb Treatments

For some screenwriters, before typing begins, handwriting is a big part of the process. Handwriting may be used to plan out scenes, write outlines, or form sections of dialogue. When using pens or pencils on a daily basis, a lot of pressure is applied to the thumb. Over time, this pressure can result in nerve damage, ligament damage, and direct pressure on the bone. A chiropractic treatment for the thumb can help heal the area and encourage regrowth of supportive cartilage. The thumb may also become misaligned and start showcasing early forms of arthritis. A treatment plan can help reduce these pains and realign the thumb.

Through this process, a chiropractor may also teach you better methods for holding pens and pencils. This can help prevent additional problems in the future and encourage a new writing style. Along with writing positions, special products may be recommended. These writing tools can help you easily write without putting too much pressure on your hands. This will make it easier to get through longer writing sessions without experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Along with your hands, a chiropractor can examine your back and neck for signs of strain after years of writing. All of these treatments can make a huge difference on your writing skills. For more information, contact a local clinic like Rockwood Chiropractic