How Substance Abuse Treatment Helps College Binge Drinkers Who Can’t Quit After They Graduate

Alcohol is one of the few socially-acceptable drugs that are legal to use and abuse. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most dangerous and can cause a myriad of health dangers for those who become addicted. For example, heavy binge drinkers in college may find themselves unable to shake their habit later in life and struggling to avoid bodily damage. Thankfully, there are many types of treatment centers available in the nation that may be able to help. Read More 

5 Tips For Making The Most Out Of Your Therapy Sessions

If you are experiencing mental health problems, you may be thinking about seeing a psychologist. This healthcare professional can help you come to terms with your emotions and teach you how to be a happier and more well-rounded individual. Here are several useful tips for making the most out of your therapy sessions. Identify Your Goals Before you go to your first session with a psychologist, think about what you want to get out of the process. Read More 

Is Gastric Sleeve Surgery The Right Weight Loss Surgery For You?

A few decades ago, weight loss surgery was new and relatively unknown. Most patients who had this type of procedure had what was known as a gastric bypass, in which the intestinal connection to the stomach was moved, bypassing the majority of the stomach. Now, weight loss surgery is more common, and there are a number of procedures to choose from. One of them is called the gastric sleeve procedure. While gastric sleeve surgery is a great choice for many patients, it is not for everyone. Read More 

4 Benefits Of Dermal Infusion

Looking your best is the key to feeling much more confident. The ideal way to do so is by having skin that appears more youthful and attractive. You can work to achieve better-looking skin by investing in dermal infusion, which is simply a gentler method than microdermabrasion. This procedure offers many advantages to any user, and leaning these can be helpful. 1. Removes dead skin cells The key to looking younger will rest in removing dead skin cells. Read More 

Three Situations Where Facial Reconstructive Surgery Is Covered By Health Insurance

Facial reconstructive surgery, sadly, is often considered by many health insurance companies as "cosmetic." This means that these insurance companies will not pay for someone's face to be set right, regardless of how frightful a person looks. However, there are exceptions to every hard rule, and the exceptions to this particular rule are as follows. Your Child Can Neither Breathe Nor Eat  A child born with facial deformities may not receive reconstructive surgery under health insurance unless the child can neither eat nor breathe properly with their face as-is. Read More