Carpenter Bee Stings: What Are They And How Can You Protect Yourself From Them?

If you're allergic to bee stings and notice strange insects buzzing around the wooden structures of your home, you may wonder if the insects are dangerous for your health. Those strange insects may be carpenter bees, which are found all over the United States. Although the bees live mostly outdoors, they can build individual nests inside wooden structures, such as the beams of your carport. When disturbed or threatened, carpenter bees can sting their victims multiple times. Read More 

4 Things Varicose Vein Sufferers Need to Know about Sclerotherapy

Varicose veins are enlarged, visible veins on the legs. They develop when the walls of your veins become weakened and bulge outwards. Varicose veins can be dark purple or blue and can make you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your legs. These bulging veins can also be painful and lead to a burning or cramping feeling in your legs. Fortunately, many treatments are available for varicose veins, including sclerotherapy. Here are four things varicose vein sufferers need to know about sclerotherapy. Read More 

Improving Your Vision Naturally: 3 Common Exercises Recommended In Vision Therapy

If you are having troubles with your vision due to improper eye movements or visual-motor deficiencies, there's a good chance that you can correct your vision without getting surgery. Vision therapy is best categorized as an individualized and supervised type of therapy that relies on practicing certain exercises to improve eye alignment, focusing abilities, eye movements and visual processing. There are several different types of exercises that have been highly recommended for improving muscle tone and improving visual acuity. Read More 

From Meek Mona Lisa to a New Lease on Life: How to Transform Your Smile with Dental Implants

She has one of the most famous smiles in history. Mona Lisa, the subject of a beloved Leonardo da Vinci oil painting, sits with her lips closed in a pleasant expression. If you have teeth missing, there's a good chance you're familiar with that facial expression yourself. Careful not to expose the gaps in your smile, you keep an amiable look on your face while avoiding laughter and conversation. Going out for dinner, chatting with someone you just met, and interacting with the general public are activities you steer away from so nobody will notice what you consider an unattractive flaw. Read More 

6 Ways To Boost Your Immune System

The cold and flu are common illnesses, but they still make you feel downright awful. If these viruses are not treated correctly, they can even result in serious complications, like pneumonia, strep throat and bronchitis. That's why you should try your best to avoid these illnesses altogether. If you have a healthy immune system, your body will be able to fight off these viruses more effectively. Here are six ways to boost your immune system: Read More