What Do You Need to Know Before Having Arthroscopic Knee Surgery?

If you have a torn meniscus, Baker's cyst, damaged cartilage, or other soft-tissue knee injury, your doctor may be recommending that you have arthroscopic surgery performed to repair it. This is a type of surgery in which only small incisions are made -- and then small instruments are inserted through the incisions to make the needed repairs to tissues. Arthroscopic surgery can be a little intimidating to first-time patients who are not overly familiar with this type of procedure. Read More 

Could A Chiropractic Neurologist Give You The Relief From Migraines That You Need?

If you suffer from occasional or chronic migraines, you may have already discussed your pain with your primary physician or a neurologist. As the result of those discussions, you have probably been prescribed medications like narcotics, triptans or sedatives in the hope of addressing or preventing your symptoms. You might even have considered surgical intervention due to the debilitating impact of migraine headaches. Unfortunately, medications and surgeries will often present with the possibility of significant side effects and do not always treat all of the symptoms associated with migraines. Read More 

New Eye Surgeon: Tips For Opening A Clinic

Performing surgery on patient's eyes is a dangerous task, as it can lead to permanent damage if done incorrectly. You must make sure that you have all of the right supplies for treating various eye conditions. If you are about to open your first clinic as a newly license eye surgeon, there are several things that you should do. For instance, you will need to give people the confidence to come to your clinic for medical assistance. Read More 

Three Types Of Home Mobility Aids

Just because you are living with reduced mobility, it doesn't mean you have to be completely dependent on caregivers or loved ones. There are several devices that can restore your freedom and greatly reduce the risk of injury in your home. Here are three types of home mobility aids that can greatly increase your quality of life. Stair Lifts Stairs can be one of the most difficult obstacles for the mobility impaired, effectively placing half of their home off-limits. Read More 

Proper Planning Is Vital For Sensitive Elderly Medical Transportation

Elderly persons who suffer from a variety of ailments may have a number of medical appointments they need to keep. Unfortunately, the planning for transport to the hospital or physician's office might not be done properly. Simply calling a cab or relying on a friend or relative for transportation could be a poor idea. Even in a non-emergency situation, it would not hurt to have reliably trained personnel on hand in case a problem arises. Read More