Signs You Could Benefit From Inpatient Rehab

Some people can kick substance abuse to the curb, detox, and stay sober with just some outpatient therapy or participation in 12-step meetings. Others, however, do not find these recovery approaches particularly helpful. These patients need a more intensive approach — often in an inpatient rehab facility. So, what are some signs that inpatient rehab may be the best choice for your own recovery from substance abuse?

You're addicted to a substance that causes withdrawal symptoms

Specifically, if you are addicted to opiates or alcohol, you will experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using. Withdrawing from either of these substances can cause serious symptoms such as nausea, confusion, and even seizures. People have even died when withdrawing from alcohol. For safety reasons, it is important that you are being observed in an inpatient setting when withdrawing from these substances. Plus, in a controlled, inpatient setting, you won't be able to just give in and use again, which can be incredibly tempting when you're in the depths of withdrawal and know using will make you feel better.

You have a lot of people around you who also use or enable you

If you live with other people who use your substance of choice, or if you have someone in your life who enables you and gives you substances when you ask, then you should head to an inpatient rehab clinic. It's very tough to recover when you are surrounded by people who are still using. In an inpatient setting, you will have the opposite experience; you'll be surrounded by other people who understand what you are going through, are dealing with the same things, and who want to support you. In inpatient rehab, you will also learn how to deal with pressure from those around you so that when you do return home, you can avoid using even when surrounded by others who do.

You believe you will struggle to balance recovery with work or school

Recovery can feel like a full-time job. If you have a hard time imagining yourself juggling meetings or therapy appointments while also attending school or going to work, then inpatient rehab is probably a better option. And don't assume you need to quit your job to go. Many employers have policies that allow their employees to take up to a month off for rehab. If you're in school, taking a leave of absence may be possible.

Not everyone needs inpatient rehab to recover from substance abuse, but many people do. If you are surrounded by other users, are worried about balancing recovery with work, or know you'll have withdrawal symptoms, then inpatient rehab is a good choice for you.

Start your recovery journey by reaching out to local substance abuse rehab programs.