Injured While Working Out? Why You Should See A Sports Medicine Doctor

Recently, you may have stared into the mirror and decided you didn't like what you saw reflected back at you. The folds in your stomach, extra fat in the thigh area and double chins may have gotten your attention, giving you the motivation to start a workout regiment. While this is definitely a good thing you might not have thought the idea all the way through. It's hard to keep up a steady exercise routine when your feet are swollen or tender and your ankles feel like they could give out any second. If your new resolution didn't go so well and you injured yourself while working out learn why you should consult with a sports medicine doctor.

Impact Is Everything

Some people think that sports medicine doctors are strictly for top athletes but this certainly isn't the case. Although many great athletes do indeed have a regular sports medicine doctor on their staff, these medical professionals also service everyday folks with exercise-related injuries.

Sports medicine physicians understand that impact is everything. You may have no idea just how much weight you're slamming down onto your joints each time you do something as simple as go for a jog or take an aerobics class. If you haven't exercised in some time and just decide to get started on a whim you could be setting yourself up for trouble. You probably didn't realize just how damage you were doing until you woke up in pain the day after your first exercise session.

Learn The Science Of Movement

In addition to treating your physical ailments, a sports medicine doctor can offer very beneficial advice that you can use to avoid future injuries. Be prepared to consult with the physician and let them know what kind of shoes you workout in, the type of pavement you walk across, how long you engage in physical activity, and a history of any joint problems that might be aggravated by your new activity. The doctor will use this information to provide valuable advice about what you can do to change up your movements so that you use correct form and minimize your chances of dealing with the kind of aftermath that you're suffering from right now.

Sports medicine doctors are typically very knowledgeable and have so much to offer. Find a reputable sports medicine doctor in your area or ask your primary physician for a referral to get the help you deserve. Contact someone such as Dr Jennifer Stebbing DO for more help.