Two Signs That You May Have Asthma

When you think about asthma, you might picture an individual desperately taking puffs from an inhaler in attempts to catch their breath. The scene can be quite frightening to witness and can leave an imprint for quite some time. However, there are different gradations of asthma, with some being much more serious than others. Although you might be experiencing some of the more mild signs of asthma, it's possible that you're ignoring it because you've never really had a major issue with the illness. Use this information to learn more about the signs that you might be dealing with asthma.

You Experience Coughing Fits

One sign that points to a possible problem with asthma is excessive coughing. If you find yourself frequently experiencing coughing fits, it may be time for you to get over to a medical professional so you can be tested for asthma. 

Understand that while you might think that it's perfectly normal to break out in a cough after sharing a hearty laugh with friends, this is not always the case. While you can certainly laugh so hard that you cry or cough, this shouldn't happen every single time you have a small chuckle. There could be some underlying issues going on with your lungs that you aren't aware of. Failing to pay attention to this sign could be detrimental.

Also, if you're married or have a partner or a roommate and they complain about you coughing in your sleep, heed their warning. Get yourself evaluated immediately so you can figure out what's going on.

You Emit A Whistling Sound When Exhaling

Another sign that you may have asthma can be detected by noting whether or not you tend to wheeze when you breathe. Under ordinary circumstances, your breathing should be nearly imperceptible. This pertains to both when you inhale and exhale. Someone sitting near you should be hard pressed to tell whether you are even breathing at all without watching the rising and falling of your chest.

If you find that you let out a whistling sound, most notably when exhaling, you want to get this situation checked out by a professional so you can get the help you deserve.

Heeding the signs which point to a possible issue with asthma is the key to catching the condition and being treated for it. If either of these signs crops up, contact an asthma doctor at a medical center like North Texas Allergy.