3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Psychiatrist

Choosing the right psychiatrist isn't always an easy process. You could have a long list of suitable providers, but you might not be sure which one to choose.

To make things easier, ask yourself these three questions as you shortlist practitioners.

1. Do You Need Specialized Help?

Some psychiatrists work in general practice. They see clients of various ages with a range of different problems. However, some psychiatrists specialize in particular types of therapy. You might find it helpful to get targeted therapeutic help.

For example, if you want to find a psychiatrist for your teenage child, then look for practitioners who focus on working with older children and young adults. If you need help with substance abuse problems, then a psychiatrist with experience in treating substance addictions or abuse will be a good choice.

2. Do You Want a Male or Female Doctor?

Some people prefer to see a psychiatrist who is the same gender as themselves, while others prefer to see a practitioner of the opposite gender. For example, female patients with problematic histories with their fathers might feel more comfortable seeing a female psychiatrist. They might find it difficult to talk to a male therapist, especially at the start of their treatment.

Or, some men find it easier to relate to and talk with female doctors. They might struggle to open up to male psychiatrists as easily. Gender norms might make it easier for them to talk to women.

So, think about your preferences here. While psychiatrists of any gender can help you, you might find the process easier if you go with your initial gender preference.

3. How Will You Pay For Your Treatment?

If you have medical insurance, then your carrier might pay for some or all of your treatment. However, you should check if you will have to cover some of your costs. You might also need a referral from another physician before a carrier will give you coverage.

If you are in an insurance network, then you will likely need to find a psychiatrist who is in your network. Your carrier might not pay for an out-of-network doctor.

If you don't have any medical insurance coverage, or if your policy doesn't cover the help you need, then think about whether you can afford your treatment costs. If you can't, then community healthcare clinics might be able to help you find a low-cost option. Some psychiatrists also offer reduced fees for patients who cannot afford to pay their standard costs.

For more advice, consult your primary care physician or health care center. They can recommend local psychiatrists who can help you.

For more information, reach out to a psychiatrist.