5 Benefits Of Compounded Pet Medications

Your pet's health is very important, so administering necessary medications safely is a must. A compounding pharmacy working in partnership with your veterinarian can help ensure that your pet gets the medications they need in a package that you can administer successfully.

1. Accurate Dosage

Prescribing medications to animals can be difficult due to the major size differences between different breeds and individuals. Standard dosage sizes are rarely accurate, and in some cases, can be dangerous to the animal. A compounded medication is custom blended to the exact dosage recommendations for your pet's weight, breed, and age, which means the medication is much more likely to be effective. 

2. Fewer Pills

Giving medications to an animal can be very difficult, and the more pills that are needed, the more difficult the task becomes. Your compounding pharmacy may be able to mix several different medications into one custom pill so that you don't have to struggle to administer multiple pills every day. In some instances, they may be able to mix up a liquid version of the medication, which can be easier to administer than a pill.

3. Tastier Options

Another way a compounding pharmacy can help make medication administration easier is by adding flavoring to the medication. Human flavorings, like cherry and grape, aren't very appealing to a dog or cat, so they will use flavorings like salmon or chicken so that your pet will be happier to swallow their medication. These flavorings can also help disguise the bitter tastes of some medications. 

4. Cost Saving Opportunities

In some cases, you may be able to save by opting for compounded medications. This is because the dosage and amount of medication are tailored specifically to your pet, so you are not purchasing more medication than you will need to use. If your pet is on a medication for a chronic condition, you may be able to realize further savings by ordering several months of compounded medication at once as this reduces the pharmacy labor costs on creating the medication.

5. Reaction Prevention

Certain dyes and fillers in commercially prepared medications can be harmful to the health of your pet. Some animals may have dangerous allergic reactions, but even a minor reaction is best avoided. A pharmacy can compound the active ingredients of a particular medication together with as few fillers as possible, and often they can avoid the use of problematic dyes completely. 

Talk to your vet about compounded pet medication options for your beloved pet.