Is Your Child Experiencing Hearing Loss? What To Watch For

For a parent, one of the hardest things to identify is the indication of hearing loss in your child. In fact, some parents miss the early signs because they don't know what to watch for. The truth is that signs of hearing issues can be subtle, which makes it harder for parents to identify the issue. While a pediatrician's hearing screening can help, it's important that you know what to watch for in your daily life. Here's a look at some of the indications that your child might be struggling with a hearing problem.

Does Your Child Turn The TV Up?

If you start to notice that your child is the only one in the house constantly turning the television up or complaining that they can't hear it when others hear it fine, that's often one of the earliest indications that there's a problem. If they like the television louder than anyone else in the house, you may want to talk with a pediatrician.

Do You Often Have To Repeat Yourself?

If you notice that your child seems to hear you fine and respond sometimes, but then other times you have to repeat yourself several times to be heard, those are indications that your child may have a hearing problem.

You'll want to consider this symptom along with the presence of other signs, though, because kids do often have selective hearing. They will tune parents out when they are focused on things they enjoy, so don't let this alone be concerning.

Does Your Child Yell Often?

If you find that, even in regular conversation, you're telling your child to quiet down, it could be that they don't actually realize their own volume. When kids have hearing trouble, they often talk far louder than they need to because they can't hear themselves as well as they should. When you're reminding your child to lower their voice frequently, that's a key sign that there may be a hearing issue.

Has Your Child Had Ear Infections?

One of the leading causes of childhood hearing loss is chronic ear infections. Often, ear infections lead to damage that can affect your child's hearing. You'll want to talk with a pediatrician about testing your child's hearing during a time when they don't have an active ear infection.

These are some of the most common indications that your child might have hearing issues. Talk with your pediatrician about your concerns right away if you suspect that there is a problem. If you need more specific help, contact a local audiologist and hearing aids professional.