3 Step Guide To Giving Yourself A Self-Test For Macular Degeneration

If you have started noticing small changes in your vision, you may start worrying that you are developing macular degeneration. If so, use the guide below to create and perform a simple test on yourself.

Step 1:  Create a Grid Box

This first step involves creating a grid box that you will use to perform the test on yourself. The lines, spaces, and dot you will create can help bring any symptoms of macular degeneration to the forefront, helping to make it clearer whether or not you may have the condition.

On your computer, create a box that has a grid of an even number of boxes, such as 24 or 36. Then print it out.

In the space of the center box, mark a round dot with a marker. This will serve as the focal point of the test.

Step 2:  Perform the Test

Once you have your grid box, it is time to perform the test. Hold the paper out in front of your face about half the distance of your arm's length. Then close your eye, and stare at the center dot for about a minute.

After the minute has expired, repeat the test with the other eye. Make note of any changes in your vision, then go on to the next step to compare any symptoms you may have experienced.

Step 3:  Check for Symptoms

Now that you have performed the test, you have an idea of what symptoms you experience so it's time to see if any match up with those of macular degeneration. Since there are two types of macular degeneration -- wet and dry -- look for signs of either one of the conditions.

The symptoms of dry macular degeneration include blurry vision, areas where there are blank spots in your line of sight, and images that become splotchy with dark spots. This form occurs before eye fluid starts leaking, and it tends to progress more slowly and is less subtle than the next type.

If you have wet macular degeneration, this rapidly progressing form of the eye disease can make you see lines as waves or cause them to appear smeared across the page. Since this form of macular degeneration can lead to the loss of your eyesight quickly, it is imperative you have your eyes examined as soon as possible.

Even if you do not have a positive result while doing this test, you should still have your eyes checked out just to be safe. Make an appointment with a medical eye doctor at a clinic like The Eye Center Inc so they can examine your eyes, and if they find macular degeneration, discuss your options for treatment.