Upgrading Your Hospital’s Labor And Delivery Department: Equipment To Consider

When expectant mothers are looking for the hospital they will trust with the birth of their children, they want both advanced technology and luxurious accommodations. If your hospital is thinking about upgrading your labor and delivery department to attract more patients, you'll want to consider some new equipment as part of the upgrade. Here are some of the types of equipment you may want to consider. 

Portable Ultrasound Machines

While using an ultrasound machine isn't required for every delivery, your obstetricians may need access to an ultrasound machine during complicated deliveries. Instead of transporting patients to your hospital's X-ray and imaging department, consider investing in at least one portable ultrasound machine. Having access to this equipment means patients can stay comfortably in their birthing suites while your doctors determine the best course of action for each delivery. The machines can be used to detect birthing position and other essential information, and they can also give expectant mothers peace of mind when they see the images on the screen. Check out portable ultrasound options from suppliers like Keebomed.

Birthing Bed Options

Some mothers want more options than just a traditional hospital bed when giving birth. Consider the different options you can make available to your patients, such as supports for arms and legs, as well as anesthesia screens that might be used during an emergency C-section. Birthing tubs are ideal for those moms who want a water delivery, and they can also be used to provide patients with a calming bath during a long delivery. Birthing balls can also be used to provide comfort and support during deliveries. When you have all of these different types of equipment in place, you can include information about each option in your hospital's marketing materials so expectant mothers know they can come to you for all of their preferred birth plan contingencies.

Deluxe Baby Bassinets

New moms may have difficulty getting around right after delivery, and they want to make sure they can provide their little ones with all the care they need during this time. Dulexe baby bassinets with built-in storage drawers offer the perfect solution. These bassinets come in rich wood colors, creating more of a homey feel in the hospital. The storage drawers hold baby bodysuits, blankets, diapers, and other necessities, while gliding casters make it easy for moms to push the bassinets around the room or down the hall. They are also the perfect height for moms to reach their little ones even while sitting in their own hospital beds.

In addition to purchasing new equipment, consider giving your birthing suites a style makeover, and make each room one that expectant moms want to spend a few days in.