Several Myths About Drug And Alcohol Testing

The sensation of being intoxicated is a feeling that many people will find enjoyable. However, it is a reality that there are some individuals that will have difficulty controlling their impulses to imbibe these substances. When this is the case, it may be wise to use drug testing to help ensure that a person is avoiding these substances, but it is important to know the reality behind several basic myths about testing for these substances.  

Myth: It Is Only Possible To Test For Hard Or Illicit Drugs

There is a frequent myth that drug tests will only test for illegal or otherwise hard drugs. While this is a common use of drug testing, it can be possible to test for a wide range of substances that may be in the body. As a result, those that are needing to monitor for alcohol consumption may not realize that it is possible to use testing for this purpose. Whether these tests are used for job screening, monitoring a loved one's battle with substance abuse or complying with other legal obligations.

Myth: Alcohol Testing Can Only Be Done At A Laboratory Or With A Breathalyzer

Another assumption that people may have about alcohol testing is that it is far more difficult to test for this substance. As a result, these individuals may assume that these tests will only be able to be completed at a special testing facility or with an expensive breathalyzer. However, urine-based testing is extremely reliable when it comes to determining whether a person has recently consumed alcohol. These tests can be extremely convenient as they will provide results within minutes of starting the test, and they can be very affordable.

Myth: It Is Easy For A Person To Circumvent Alcohol Tests

There is a common concern that it is fairly simple for a person to circumvent these tests so that they will fail to register a positive result. Often, this assumption stems from the belief that a person could simply drink large amounts of water. However, designers of these tests have accounted for many of the ways that people will attempt to bypass this testing. In situations where the urine is diluted or foreign contaminants are detected, the test may give an incomplete result. When this is the case, you will simply need to wait several hours before administering the test so that the urine will become more concentrated and any foreign contaminants have a chance to break down in the body.

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