Tips To Deal With Scoliosis While You Are Sleeping

If you suffer from scoliosis, there's a good chance that you are doing whatever you can to try to figure out a good sleeping position so that you don't worsen your condition or cause discomfort. Here are some sleeping tips for scoliosis that will allow you to deal with your problem.

1. Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach

If you can, train your body to sleep on your side or on your back. Do not sleep on your stomach. The reason for this is that when you sleep on your stomach, the natural curvature of the spine gets pushed further away than what it ought to be, causing your back to become misaligned again. Sleeping on your stomach will reinforce the curve that scoliosis causes in your body, making it more difficult to correct. By getting a pillow that is specifically designed for sleeping on your back or side, you can help reinforce instead the good curve of the spine that will allow you to stand up straight easily.

2. Get a Thinner Mattress Topper

If you have a mattress topper that is more than three inches thick, you might need to get a thinner topper. The reason for this is that although the thick topper might feel nice and comfy, the reality is that the topper is not providing your spine the support it needs to realign itself into a healthier position. This can be a huge problem and can exacerbate your scoliosis in the long term. Instead, stick to a mattress topper that is between one inch thick and three inches thick. If you need to buy a new one, consider getting one that is made out of a breathable material that will better keep you cool at night so that you can sleep more easily.

3. Get a Smaller, Cervical Pillow

Finally, try to make sure that you are sleeping with a smaller, cervical pillow rather than a large pillow. A large pillow will prop your head up too far and cause your spine to be out of alignment. A smaller, cervical pillow is designed to hold your neck at a lower position that will allow your spine to stay in alignment, rather than pop out of alignment and reinforce bad posture.

For more information, talk to a doctor that specializes in scoliosis treatment. He or she will be able to help you find a mattress, mattress topper, and a pillow that will help you realign your spine. You can also contact someone like C D Denison.