Three Types Of Home Mobility Aids

Just because you are living with reduced mobility, it doesn't mean you have to be completely dependent on caregivers or loved ones. There are several devices that can restore your freedom and greatly reduce the risk of injury in your home. Here are three types of home mobility aids that can greatly increase your quality of life.

Stair Lifts

Stairs can be one of the most difficult obstacles for the mobility impaired, effectively placing half of their home off-limits. Stair lifts circumvent this problem by providing a way of navigating stairs with no exertion required on the homeowner's part. Stair lifts can be installed on staircases of virtually any curvature or incline, allowing you to travel to another floor of your home at your leisure.

Walk-In Bathtubs

The high walls and slick surfaces of a bathtub can make it very difficult for people with mobility impairment to step in and out safely. While a handrail can eliminate some of the risk, the homeowner is still relying on their grip strength to prevent a fall that could lead to serious injury. The best solution to this problem is a walk-in bathtub.

Walk-in tubs have a small section of their side wall cut out and replaced with a watertight door. Instead of stepping over the side of the tub, you simply open the door, step in, and close it when you are ready to fill the tub. Many walk-in tubs also feature a raised seat so that it is easier to sit down and get up from the tub. Installing a handrail in addition to a walk-in tub will minimize the risk of injury during a bath or shower.

Power Lift Chairs

Homeowners with impaired mobility may not have the leg strength to lift themselves out of standard chairs, sofas, and recliners without assistance. Power lift chairs feature remote controls that can be used to raise and lower the seat so that the homeowner can get up and sit down more easily on their own. If you are buying a power lift recliner, you will need to choose between two-position chairs, which allow the back to incline slightly, and three- or infinite-position chairs, which are capable of fully reclining.

With the right mobility aids, impaired homeowners can continue living independently for much longer than would otherwise be possible. Keep these types of mobility devices in mind if you or a loved one is living with mobility impairment so you can regain freedom of movement in your home.

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