3 Tips for Helping Your Child Hide Burn Marks on Their Face

If your child suffered from an accident which involved burning of the skin on the face or neck, you undoubtedly went to a physician to treat the wounds and to discuss the possibility of plastic surgery to hide the flawed areas. There are several steps you can take to help your child build their self-esteem when they have burn marks present upon their facial features. Here are some ways you can hide damaged skin on the face from the view of others.

Use Makeup to Cover the Burn Markings

Makeup can be applied to the burned areas of the skin to help in blending the colors of the skin so the flawed areas are not as easy to see. Talk to your child's doctor about brands of skin care products they recommend to use for this purpose as some will have harsh chemicals that should not be applied to tender skin. A green-toned makeup should be applied first as this will aid in neutralizing red markings. Afterward a skin-toned concealer can be applied to the skin to balance the coloring.

Add Accessories to Draw the Eyes to Other Areas

Accessories placed around the neck and face will help in keeping the attention to these areas rather than directly on the burned portions of the skin. A bright-colored scarf or necktie can be added to the apparel choice, drawing the eyes to the neck rather than the face. Jewelry or unique clothing styles can also be beneficial in gaining attention to another area of the body. Wearing a neutral color around the neckline will draw attention to the burn marks as they will be likely to stand out. Instead, have your child wear clothing with a pattern or design so the markings are not as easily seen.

Consider a New Haircut to Hide the Flawed Spots

If your child has burn marks on their forehead, allowing them to grow out their hair so they have a style with bangs will aid in covering the flawed spots in their entirety. If the burns are located on the cheeks or neck, a longer hairstyle can be used to cover the skin as well. Consider having extensions added to your child's hair if they have a short haircut. This will give them the benefit of a hairstyle that works effectively without waiting for their real hair to grow out to do the trick in covering the burns.

The the burn is very bothersome to your child, consider consulting with a kid's plastic surgeon through resources like Shriners Hospitals for Children – Cincinnati.