Construction Workers: What To Know About Your Foot And Body Pain

If your feet ache or back hurts after a long day of construction work, you may wonder if the two problems are related and what can you do about them. It's possible for foot pain to cause problems with your back and vice versa. In a number of cases, you can develop both issues from the same causes. If you don't make changes in your life that protect your feet and back, you may end up with chronic pain that endangers your overall health and safety at work. Here's why your feet and back hurt and what you can do to ease the pain.

Why Do Your Feet and Back Hurt?

Standing on your feet too long, poor posture and wearing the wrong footwear can cause foot and back pain over time. According to sources, prolonged standing places stress on your muscles, which can become fatigued or tired. The problem can worsen if you develop back pain and other ailments of the musculoskeletal system that affect your body's posture. 

Poor posture generally develops when your muscles become too tired to support the weight of your upper body, including your spine, shoulders and midsection. Instead of holding your upper body erect, you slouch or lean forward. Your knees might cave in when you stand, which places stress on your lower back, hips, thighs and feet.

It's possible to pinch the nerves and tissues of your back and lower body when you have poor posture. Pinched nerves may interfere with how they send or relay messages to your brain. In some cases, pinched nerves can cause numbness, tingling and other strange sensations in your lower extremities, particularly in your feet and toes.

Also, wearing tight, full-cover boots that don't support your arches and ankles properly or allow your toes to wiggle freely can also trigger foot and back pain. If your toes rub against the boxes, or toes, of your boots, they might develop painful corns and calluses from the friction. Your ankles may bow outward when you walk, which might lead to bone fractures and other injuries over time.

Finding the right treatments your feet and back from the issues above is critical. 

How Do You Treat Your Pain?

If you haven't done so already, it's a good idea that you seek the services of a physical therapist. Many physical therapists offer manual therapy to get rid of body pain. This type of therapy doesn't require the use of traditional medications, such as pain pills or ointments. Instead, a therapist alleviates your pain by hand. 

The main goal of manual therapy is to restore balance and harmony in your musculoskeletal system so that it becomes pain free. There are different techniques used in manual therapy for various areas of the body. For instance, manual therapy for lower back pain may involve releasing tension and pressure between the bones of the spine and related tissues.

Treatment for stiff joints in the legs, knees and ankles may involve increasing your range of motion, which describes how well and how far you can move or extend your joints in different directions. Soft tissue massage techniques release tension and pain in your feet and ankles. The massage may include the use of therapeutic oils that relax your muscles and mind. 

The types of manual therapy you receive from a therapist may depend on the extent of your pain and the locations of your pain. A therapist will generally discuss a treatment plan with you before beginning any type of therapy. 

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