Laser Hair Removal Questions And Answers

As a woman, you may feel uncomfortable about hair growth on areas of your face, such as your chin and upper lip. However, there are ways to permanently remove unwanted hair. Laser hair removal is a safe way to remove and discourage hair growth. Here are a few questions and answers about this procedure:

Does it hurt?

When hair is removed using a laser you may feel a sharp twinge, but extreme pain does not usually accompany the procedure. Once the procedure is complete comma the treated area maybe slightly uncomfortable for a couple of days.

Is one treatment enough?

One laser hair removal treatment is usually effective at removing hairs that are present at the time of treatment. However, a few subsequent treatments may be needed. This is due to the various growth phases of the hairs present at the time of the treatment. Some hairs may be dormant during the treatment, while others will be in an active growth stage. Thus, some hairs may still appear after your treatment because they were in a latent or dormant stage when the laser hair removal was initially performed.

Why is a laser hair removal treatment considered permanent?

Many hair removal processes, such as shaving and tweezing, do not kill the root of the hair. However, when a laser is used, the electrical impulses and lights that are employed destroy the follicular roots. Nevertheless, the skin around the follicles is not damaged.

Can everyone use laser hair removal?

Some form of laser hair removal can be used by practically everyone. However, people with the darkest hairs and the lightest skin tones usually have the most effective results. This is because most lasers target hairs based on the difference between the color of the hair follicle and the color of the skin. Fair-skinned people with blonde hair and people with darker skin tones may not show as much of a variation in pigments between unwanted hair and skin color.

Can a client continue to tweeze or wax just before their laser hair removal appointment?

You should avoid tweezing and waxing just prior to your appointment. Since the laser targets the hair follicle, the follicle should be intact at the time of the removal. However, shaving a day or so before your appointment may be recommended so that the laser specialist can easily glide the laser over the skin and still target the follicles.

To learn more about laser hair removal, contact a laser hair removal specialist in your area.