Getting Menopause Relief With A Gynecologist In Portland OR

If you are a woman that is in her mid to late forties, it is possible that you may be dealing with the symptoms of menopause. It is important to have the highest quality of life and this can be assisted when you seek the best care with a gynecologist in Portland OR. By learning how to control your menopausal symptoms with medication this may assist you greatly. There are a number of symptoms that are associated with menopause of the change of life. One of the common problems that are consistently reported by women at this stage of life consists of hot flashes. This can be a difficult part of menopause and is certain to cause concern for the woman experiencing these issues. The most effective method to assist in the reduction of hot flashes is certain to be the use of HRT, or hormone replacement therapy. It is possible that mood swings are another large annoyance of menopause and by relying on effective treatment methods with HRT, this will assist in controlling the mood changes. By working to restore the hormonal imbalance in the female, the use of HRT is by far the most effective method to do so. If you have are losing sleep in addition to all of your other menopausal symptoms, this is certain to worsen matters. It is likely that your gynecologist in Portland OR will inform you that hormonal imbalance may affect the quality and length of your sleep. Once the hormones become more stabilized or balanced, it will be much easier to obtain a good night's sleep. Your gynecologist in Portland OR is certain to require routine Pap smear be completed each year to assist in protecting your risks against disease and proving you with peace of mind. It is ideal to rely on the assistance of the GYN to perform a routine pelvic examination when you have the Pap smear completed. There are varying classifications in your Pap smear results and these may range from five different stages. If you have a normal Pap, this will be classified as so, but if there are any abnormal cells found during the testing, this can vary based on the findings. In order to assist with the diagnosis of your menopause and to have your HRT prescribed, it is important to rely on the assistance of your gynecologist in Portland OR. There are various types of HRT to use and the key to finding the best one for you may result through trial and error. It is ideal to consult with your GYN on the various types to choose from and provide this professional with the type of symptoms you are experiencing. By taking the time to explain your symptoms in detail, this will assist you in being able to obtain the best type of HRT and dosage to start off with. Finally, it is important to routinely review with your physician any issues or concerns that you may be having when taking the HRT. The key to staying as healthy as possible will rest in addressing any concerns and discussing with your gynecologist in Portland OR if problems arise while on HRT. It is crucial to your present and future health to discuss these with your doctor. There are some patients that may have a number of issues with a certain dosage of HRT and these may be required to get adjusted with the assistance of your physician and the relying on the advice that you are given regarding the right dosage of HRT to meet all of your needs and assist in reducing the symptoms associated with menopause.